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Calm the chaos and meltdowns with Reflexology for Kids.

Updated: Oct 10, 2020

Reflexology for Kids

When the kids are cranky and acting up, you really need a way to regain your sanity without resorting to more time out or taking away their iPads AGAIN…

Why not give the kids a treat instead of more discipline with home reflexology? It’s not too much hard work, honestly.

Reflexology works on the whole body. It’s usually done to the feet although it can be carried out on hands, too, and follows a ‘map’ of nerves and channels around the body. It’s a lifesaver if you’re trying to calm down stressed kids. It really works and is drug-free. Just sit them down, bribe them to put their gadgets away for a few minutes, and get their shoes and socks off.

You can also give kids top up treatment at the start and the end of every day, for a great day and a calm night, you don’t have to wait until they are tired and cranky.

Reflexology is also great for kids who have specific conditions or symptoms. You’ll need advice from a healthcare provider first of course. If all you’re dealing with is normal grumpiness or feeling a bit off-color, a reflexology rub can be just the thing for a stressed-out child (and parent). It's also a great way for parents to reconnect with children during this super stressful and unusual time.

You can feel confident that this treatment does good things since there is research and medical evidence to show that a bit of reflexology really does benefit children, even with very young babies. If you have a child with colic or who is crying for no apparent reason, give reflexology a go. Especially for babies, just rubbing the soles of the feet in little circles will calm their tummies. Be sure to go in a clockwise direction!

Using gentle therapies like reflexology on kids is safe and simple and they respond positively, sometimes they even respond better than adults because children are naturally open to new ideas. It also helps that they haven’t developed patterns of stress or bad habits that adults have, making a reflexology session especially useful in soothing and calming ramped up nervous systems and improving mood.

There are no age limits to reflexology, so anyone from a tiny baby to your elderly grandparent can benefit from a little focus to the feet. Reflexology helps with physical, mental, and emotional issues so its great for the moods and emotional changes that children go through during puberty.

Simple Reflexology Session for Kids

If you want to learn a few simple techniques to try at home on your kids, watch this useful video.

For a super simple session, here are a few pointers:

Rub the tops of the toes to soothe upset sinuses

Rub the small area under the big toe joint to ease tummy troubles

Rub the big area of the sole of feet to ease digestive complaints, remember to always rub in a clockwise direction!

For respiratory complaints, rub the ball of the foot

If you’re interested in booking your children in for a reflexology visit, book an appointment online or give us a call. And don’t forget yourself – book yourself in for a treatment too!

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