A Quick Bit About Me

I’ve been a dedicated practitioner of massage therapy since 2007. I love empowering clients to understand their bodies and discover the gentle power of the therapeutic massage.


As a well-educated Massage Therapy Professional, I enjoy being able to bridge the gap between holistic and western medicine while providing a safe and nurturing atmosphere in which to help my clients heal by moving from suffering to returning themselves and learn how to live a healthy pain-free lifestyle.


I am always looking to integrate new treatments and therapies into my practice and believe that continued learning is important for any good Massage Therapy Professional.

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More About Me

How I got where I am Now

Since I was young, I have been attracted to the healing arts.  I dabbled in herbs and energy work during my high school and early college years. 

In 2005 I went to massage school looking for a foundation for my interest in healing.  I graduated from The Body Therapy Institute with 600 hours of massage training.  After practicing for about five years, I felt something was missing in what I was providing my clients. 

That’s when I discovered the science side of massage therapy in the form of Myofascial Release, Orthopedic Massage, and Medical Massage.  Once I started taking workshops, I fell in love with the structural and clinical side of massage. 

Here was a way I could help my clients to find lasting relief and facilitate change in their bodies.  I also found that I enjoyed and excelled at the problem-solving aspect of this type of therapy.


What is it like working with me?

When I’m working with a client, I’m like a detective, asking the body questions, listening to the answers, and following the clues to figure out the source of the pain and dysfunction. 

Once I discover the root cause, I become a facilitator.  Allowing your body to utilize its capacity to heal by rebalancing muscles, putting the body in correct alignment, asking for movement, and helping the nervous system relearn what pain-free motion feels like and that full range of motion is possible.

Working with me is like taking your body in for a “Factory Reset.”  Many of us have holding patterns in our bodies that have slowly developed over time due to repetitive movements or positions.

Some of these include a slouched posture, shoulders rounding forward, feet turning out, and an exaggerated lumbar spine curve. 

By working the body in a series of sessions with the intention of rebalancing muscles and restoring proper resting length, we can reset those holding patterns and return to the body to pain-free whole-body functional movement.


What is a Session with Me Like?

What you can expect when working with me is an initial assessment to determine where the pain and discomfort are, what actions make the pain worse, and what your short and long-term goals are. 

Then we will develop a treatment plan that consists of 3 to 12 sessions depending on your unique issue and your individual goals.  Each session will build upon the other, paying attention to the cues from your body and working through each layer of dysfunction until we achieve your goal.

During each session, I incorporate a variety of massage modalities.  These will include Aromatherapy, Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, Reflexology, Trigger Point Therapy, Craniosacral Therapy, Hot Stone Massage, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Passive and Resisted stretching.


What Makes Me Different?

What makes working with me different is that I focus on treatment plans and helping my clients achieve long term lasting results. 

I’m committed to keeping myself up to date on the latest pain management and bodywork research so I can provide my clients with the best possible outcomes in the shortest amount of time. 

I love working with people who are serious about their ongoing health and wellness.  Clients who understand that massage is both corrective and preventative maintenance and are willing to be an active participant in their own healing will see the best results while working with me.


What Results Can You Expect?

Following a session with me, you can expect to see at least a 50% decrease in pain levels and at least a 50% increase in a pain-free range of motion. 

One of my clients who saw me for Plantar Fasciitis pain in both feet was using a cane to walk.  After four sessions with me, she no longer needed to use the cane and was able to walk through the grocery store instead of using the scooter. 

Another client was unable to lift her arm above her head to pull the blinds open.  After one session with me, we were able to release the tension around her shoulder blade, allowing her to adjust the blinds easily and without pain. 

A third client started seeing me after she “threw her back out.”  She was pain-free and back to her regular activities after two weeks and six sessions, rather than enduring the possibility of 6 months of pain and suffering that is typical for her condition.

While every condition is different, and I can't guarantee results, I can offer a 100% satisfaction promise!  I promise that you will not feel as if seeing me was a waste of your time or money!


Studio Coordinator/ Assistant 

Rachel Mathews

(540) 605-8751

2001 S Main St Suite 104, Blacksburg, VA 24060, USA

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