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Balance Your Body and Your Schedule

Put your wellness and stress management on autopilot with our membership program.

Become a Body Balance Spa Member and enjoy exclusive benefits while improving your health.

  • Priority scheduling – Your appointments booked through the whole year

  • An extra 60-minute massage during your birthday month for FREE

  • A gift certificate each month to give to a new friend for a FREE 30-minute session

  • $20 off any additional services during the month, including gift certificate purchases

  • Immediate family members may also enjoy $20 off their services

  • 25% off any retail purchases

  • Membership rates for programs and events

  • Unlimited text and email support

  • Early access to any events, programs, or specials

  • Easy checkout and re-booking – You’re already paid for and scheduled, so we don’t need to bother with busywork following your session

  • Members-only monthly special upgrades

How the membership program works:

  • On the first of every month, you will be charged at your chosen program rate. These funds are then issued as a credit to your account and available for immediate use. You have a full 30 days to use your credit, unused credits rollover from month to month and expire 180 days after they are accrued.

  • Monthly debits are made by using the credit card placed on your account at initial membership sign-up.

  • Memberships last until canceled.  Memberships may also be frozen if you are going on an extended trip or run into cash flow issues.  Please contact me with any changes to your membership at least 10 business days before the billing cycle.

  • Memberships may not be refunded after purchase.  You may share your membership credits with another person.

  • A no-show for a membership massage will use one full membership credit (emergencies will be handled on a case by case basis).

  • We will schedule your massages for the entire year. Putting the massages on your schedule at recurring intervals ensures that you will receive your massage each month.  Appointments may be moved as needed throughout the year due to conflicts.  If you have a variable schedule, arrangements can be made.


Online or in-person consultations to discuss your unique needs and meet a Therapist.

Pain and Injury Rehabilitation

These sessions focus on reducing pain and increasing mobility for one body area by incorporating various massage techniques.

Virtual Services

Use video conferencing to learn techniques to alleviate stress and muscle tension from the comfort of your own home.

Multilingual Functionality

Therapeutic and Clinical Massage Single sessions designed to address short term conditions or for special occasions.

Posture and Ergonomics

Postural Ergonomics  is the solution to transform your workplace and your health synergistically.

Treatment Plans and Programs

Don't just get a massage, get relief that lasts with our signature programs and customized treatment plans.


Put your wellness and stress management on autopilot with our membership plans.

Group Sessions

Learn to give massage, or join a session with others to deepen your relaxation and increase your mind-body connection

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