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Posture and ergonomics

Postural Ergonomics is the solution to transform your workplace and your health synergistically. The purpose of Postural Ergonomics is to improve your function, posture, and cognition within your workplace so you can be more active and productive while taking care of your body. Posture is declining at the speed of technology, and modern-day workers are getting fat faster and sicker quicker. If you don’t take an active stand for your health, then no one else will. We have designed solutions to help you overcome Sitting Disease.


Postural Ergonomics will take care of you in your workplace with your unique needs. You can schedule an in-office consultation, or we can come to you and perform an On-Site Ergonomic Evaluation in your workplace or home office. If you prefer to have a Virtual Workspace Assessment performed, this can also be arranged.


Online or in-person consultations to discuss your unique needs and meet a Therapist.

Pain and Injury Rehabilitation

These sessions focus on reducing pain and increasing mobility for one body area by incorporating various massage techniques.

Virtual Services

Use video conferencing to learn techniques to alleviate stress and muscle tension from the comfort of your own home.

Multilingual Functionality

Therapeutic and Clinical Massage Single sessions designed to address short term conditions or for special occasions.

Posture and Ergonomics

Postural Ergonomics  is the solution to transform your workplace and your health synergistically.

Treatment Plans and Programs

Don't just get a massage, get relief that lasts with our signature programs and customized treatment plans.


Put your wellness and stress management on autopilot with our membership plans.

Group Sessions

Learn to give massage, or join a session with others to deepen your relaxation and increase your mind-body connection

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