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What mothers really need…

Making the gift of bodywork work for you

What better gift for a hard-working mom than massage or bodywork? Whether you are a mom, or have a mom, here are some reasons mothers need support to receive nurturing touch on Mother’s Day.

Mothers worry. Mothers have to multi-task whether they like it or not. Most mothers work. Hard. Mothers are always on call. If mama ain’t happy, nobody’s happy.

Take time to be nurtured

If you’re a mother, you may want to ask for a Mother’s Day gift of your favorite bodywork. Whether it’s therapeutic massage, reflexology, hot stone massage or your massage therapist’s latest healthful offering, you can expect relief from tension and pain. But even more important, your bodywork session can be a nurturing and healthful time out.

Sound delightful? An opportunity (for once) to do absolutely nothing? It can be, especially if you follow these tips.

Make the most of your gift

1. Let the people around you know that you need their support while taking time from your responsibilities. For example, child care may need to be covered.

2. Make sure you have time afterward to take it easy (see number one above). Don’t rush off to pick up kids or start dinner. Take a walk, or lie down on your back for a few minutes once you get home. If that turns into a nap, so much the better.

The bodywork experience supports your mental and physical health and, in a very real way, extends to the well-being of your whole family. To make the most of your gift, remember to ask for support to let go of your responsibilities for the time it takes to really benefit.

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