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Weekly Openings for April 23rd – April 28th

My lymphatic massage and compression bandaging class was completed this weekend, and I am very excited about the things that I learned.

Do your legs feel tired heavy and achy at the end of the night? Do your ankles swell up by the time you get home from work? Are you beginning to see fine veins in your ankles or calves? If so, then a mild compression sock or stocking might be just the thing to add energy to your step and protect your veins! Keep an eye on my website for more information regarding compression garments and the health of your legs. You can also feel free to ask me about them at any time. I have ordered a pair for myself and will be taking them for a test drive over the next few weeks!

My current openings for the week are as follows:

Wednesday April 25th – 1pm for 30 minutes, and a 5 or 5:30pm

Thursday April 26th – 1 or 1:30pm

Friday April 27th – 2pm for 30 minutes

Saturday April 28th – 10am for 30 minutes, and various times between 2:30 and 5pm

If you would like to book one of these appointment spaces, please respond to this email, or give me a call at 540-449-3035. You can also see any available times online. If nothing fits your schedule, be sure to sign up for the wait list.

I look forward to seeing you soon! ~Carrie Boucher, CMT

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