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Body Balance Therapeutic Massage is dedicated to giving you support and education so you can find a deeper mind-body connection through validation of your experiences that will allow you to fully heal and refocus on your life's purpose.

This is accomplished through the use of my posture expertise to connect your pain or discomfort to any postural distortion, and then provide you with evidence based services and products to correct posture, release muscle tension, restore proper muscle function, retrain the nervous system, and eliminate pain.

Why do I look at posture? When all the different pieces and parts of our body and essence are doing just what they were made to do, then movement is effortless, tasks are performed with ease, and we feel at peace within our own skin.

So how can I help you find this pain free ease of movement and peace?

We start with a consultation that includes a posture analysis to determine if a postural imbalance is present. Then we create a customized wellness journey to guide you from pain and inactivity, to a pain-free effortless life that includes your favorite hobbies and activities.

Don't let pain keep you from doing what you love in life! Schedule a consult today!

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