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Postural Pains

Save your spine. Correct your posture


Excessive use of our mobile phones, irregular workouts and too many hours spent looking at a computer or watching TV, can all lead to postural issues and long-term chronic pain.

Posture is such an important aspect of our lives and yet most of us aren’t even aware of it, which means bad habits easily become common practice.

The guide helps to explain:

✅ Why posture matters
✅ 12 health benefits of good posture
✅ How to set up your desk for optimal posture in both sitting and standing positions
✅ How to prevent “text neck” and 9 other posture-related injuries
✅ A self-diagnosis worksheet to help you identify which posture you are naturally, what problems that posture may cause, and how to prevent them
✅ A morning stretch routine to help you start each day with a healthy posture
✅ 10 exercise routines for mobility and strengthening – one for each postural problem
✅ Interactive YouTube videos as an easy guide for exercises


A poor posture can not only cause a range of musculoskeletal pains, particularly around the back, neck and shoulders but it can also cause headaches, breathing, circulation and digestion issues.


This guide will ensure you have all the information you need to build a strong and healthy posture both at home and at your desk.


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